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Whatever your travel needs may be, our  bus in Mallacoota will get you there safely, comfortably and on time.


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Sightseeing tours

Bus on sightseeing tours

If we do the driving, all you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy wherever it is you are going. Our bus in Mallacoota is designed with your comfort in mind, right after your safety. We think you will agree that this order is the right one for everyone. Mallacoota Explorer Tours can plan and schedule your sightseeing tour to the last detail, or work through the logistics of your own plan. Whether you are a private or corporate group, we know how to get you where you want to go.

V/Line Timetable

Mallacoota Explorer connects Monday, Thursday and Friday with V/Line services for your convenience additional Sunday services operate during Victorian school holidays.

Departing from bus stop located adjacent to Bendigo Bank at 8.05am to connect with service to Melbourne and 2.00pm to connect with service going to Batemans Bay.

Sunday departure from bus stop is at 12midday to connect with service going to Melbourne and 2.35pm with service going to Batemans Bay


Bookings can be made at Mallacoota Newsagency

Secure vehicles

Safe and comfortable seats on our bus including wheelchair access

No matter who does the driving,  our  bus in Mallacoota has been checked, rechecked and fully maintained for safety and comfort and is wheelchair accessible too.

Mallacoota Explorer Tours knows of no better way to get you there - and it helps that we are friendly and courteous, too. Call us now and tell us about your travel needs and we promise to make it as safe, comfortable, and affordable as possible.